What I have learned so far; blog #1

I reviewed six articles from three different classmates. What I have learned is a lot because the ISIS situation is something where even if you know a little background information, it’s a lot to make sense of. What was most interesting to me, was how vastly different all the articles were. Each article I read focused on a completely different aspect of the ISIS and I found it to be incredibly interesting. I am going to talk about two things I found really interesting in this post and then two more things I found interesting when I make my second blog entry.

I will be the first to admit that I really didn’t know a lot about ISIS before my group decided to look into it more. So I can honestly say that I learned a lot from the vast majority of articles my group mates and I found. In looking through most people’s articles in my group, I realized that for the most part there was a huge difference in articles. I think that with a topic as big as ISIS it’s easy to find just totally different opinions and an incredible amount of topics.

All six articles I chose were vastly different. The one thing I really noticed was that most of my group mates found things on similar news sources such as Time, Fox News, etc. I posted the whole Twitter feed instead of finding one article because it was interesting to see so many tweets with different topics/opinions. I had a hard time linking any of our articles to social media however.


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