Blog entry#3: first look at two sources

For my first blog entry this week on ISIS, I decided to compare BBC and ABC coverage. It was completely different right of the bat. When you search ISIS on both websites, you find different articles.

In my opinion, ABC had written a lot more articles about ISIS than BBC. In the list that showed the most current articles, ABC had two for every one BBC article. I also found it interesting that BBC listed their editors choice where ABC did not. The content was also completely different, which makes sense due to the fact that the news networks are based out of different countries.

When it comes to content, I also realized that ISIS seemed to be the focus in ABC articles whereas in BBC articles it would be included but with other topics. ABC also had videos posted on their website. I didn’t notice this with BBC.

The biggest take away I got from comparing the two was that it is interesting to see how two different countries report on the same news topic. There are obviously different things that seem more prominent in certain stories based on the country. For example, ABC had plenty of articles talking about President Obama’s strategy where I didn’t really see that on the BBC website. This makes complete sense due to the fact that ABC is an American station while BBC is a British station.


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