Speculative Fiction Character Descriptions

Jack: a reporter for News Newspaper. Helps Mary out quite a bit with her stories even though he shouldn’t.


Mary: a reporter for TJN. TJN is similar to any American broadcasting company. She gets most of her information from her main source Jack.



TJN: A nationally recognized American broadcast company that is known for its high journalistic standards.


News Newspaper: a newspaper in America that Jack works for. It does an okay job at reporting accurately but sometimes it goes too far to get a good story.


Lyle: follows both TJN and News Newspaper on Twitter. He is the guy that responds or retweets all tweets.


One thought on “Speculative Fiction Character Descriptions

  1. You did a good job using twitter to keep the story moving along. I liked how you had a character who’s whole affiliation to the stories being presented was following them on twitter. This gives a good example of the “everyday man”. You can get a small idea on what people might like by what he retweets or responds to. Expanding on the relationship between jack and mary could add more depth to the store that readers might enjoy. I was a little confused by what you meant by goes to far to get the story? do they break laws or do they just fill in details with what they think they might be?


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