Speculative Fiction Story Outline


08:00 am JACK (newspaper reporter) Today’s story is on ISIS.

08:20 am MARY (TJN reporter) @jackhay let’s talk. I want to see if we have similar story ideas.


12:00 pm Lyle (avid Twitter user): THE FACT THAT @jackhay STORY DIDN”T MAKE SENSE SUCKS

1:00 pm Jack: @wildLYLE I’m sorry you feel that way.


4:30 PM Mary: Join @TJNNews tonight at six for new ISIS information.

4:32 TJN (News station) Retweed Mary’s Tweet

4:35 News Newspaper (Newspaper affiliated with TJN) Retweeted TJN’s Retweet.

6:05 PM Lyle: DUDE. YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT @marywell STORY.


9:00 am Jack: Check out my new story. Thanks for the help @marywell.

10:00 am Mary: Great article. Anytime! @jackhay

11:00 am TJN: Retweeted @jackhay and @marywell tweet.

11:05 am News Newspaper: Retweeted TJN’s retweet.


8:00 pm To stay up on the latest ISIS news over the weekend, visit Newspaper News website. (website link)


7:00 pm Jack: Check out the photos from today’s interview.

7:05 TJN, News Newspaper and Mary Retweeted @jackhays tweet


4 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction Story Outline

  1. You did a really good job of connecting your characters and allowing them to interact. Do they only interact over social media? It might be interesting to throw them together in a more personal way. Also, introducing a conflict related to ISIS might add more layers to this story.


  2. It’d be nice to see what story was running on ISIS to give the story and online events some depth. Maybe one the reports could be captured by ISIS? that’d be juicy!


  3. This was really strong. I liked all the interaction between characters. However, I do think it would have been stronger if this outline said more about what stories they were talking about. Having that kind of background information would make the good things in this outline even better. Also, this Lyle guy seems like a cool character.


  4. As a fellow ISIS member, I enjoyed your piece. I would pick an event, outside of a press conference/release, to stir up some conflict with your characters. All in all, good job!


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