Models for personal narrative project

The first source I used was more of a source to kind of help me narrow down what possible tones I would want to use for my characters. What I found was that my tone could be literally any emotion I could think of. I like the fact that it brought up both sassy and sarcastic because I like sassy and sarcastic people and I want one of my characters to be at least one or the other. Here is the link to the website that helped me narrow down possible ideas:

The second source I found for tone models gave excellent model examples. I decided to post this one because the first page gives great examples of how style enhances tone. I think that this website could be useful in the future as the dialog for my characters progresses. Here is the link to the website:

For my two models of media usage, I’d like my main character to have a blog. I think I want to use Twitter to have her interact with the other characters as well as Facebook.


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