Story outline for personal narrative project


Emma sets up her blog.

Caroline immediately posts about it on Facebook.

Peter sees Caroline’s Facebook post and remembers Emma from school.


Emma’s first day at work.

Emma runs into Peter.

Emma blogs about her day for the first time.


After training the day before, Emma has her first real day on the job.

Emma meets a famous celebrity who wants to compliment her food.

Emma tells Caroline about the encounter and Caroline immediately talks all about social media.


News about Emma and the celebrity dating have surfaced thanks to Caroline’s not so accurate tweets.

Peter responds to Emma’s clarifying post on Facebook.

Emma and Peter decide to hang out.


Emma and Peter hang out.

Emma doesn’t tell Caroline.

Emma decides that Peter isn’t all about work.

Peter admits only to Emma that he doesn’t really want to be a chef.

Emma promises to keep it a secret but Caroline overhears there conversation.

Caroline sends out subtweets about Peter.


Peter and Emma hang out again.

Emma posts about her day on her blog and some of the awkward moments along the way.

Peter sees Caroline’s tweets.


Caroline and Peter get into a Twitter fight about subtweeting.

Caroline tweets that Peter hates being a chef and his boss sees it.

Peter becomes angry at Emma.

Peter confronts Emma about telling everything to Caroline.

Emma tells Peter she didn’t.

Emma writes on her blog that no more personal stories will be shared.


Emma posts a really boring cooking video to her blog.

Emma deletes her blog.

Caroline tweets at her and she doesn’t answer.

Peter is fired after his boss decides he doesn’t want a chef who can’t stand cooking.

Peter tweets his first non work related tweet.


Peter writes his first Facebook status.

Emma and Peter hang out.

Peter apologizes to Emma.


After talking to Emma, Peter decides he wants to become a history teacher. Peter encourages Emma to post about real life stuff on her blog again after he convinces her that she is a great writer.

Emma says that she won’t.

Caroline apologizes to both Peter and Emma over social media.


Emma posts a video on her blog about a new “cheesey” moment.

Emma works at the restaurant.

She continues to meet famous people since the restaurant is such a big deal.


Emma decides her blog will become a story of all the people she has met at her job.

Peter decides to ask Emma to celebrate.

Emma invites Caroline.

Caroline, Peter and Emma all become great friends and the story ends with Emma posting a photo to her blog about all the great people she has in her life.


2 thoughts on “Story outline for personal narrative project

  1. Good story it all ties up neatly at the end whic I am a fan of. Personaly I don’t like carolines habit of posting everything to social media but that means she is a good charcter. Im glad Emma and Peter start to get together towards the end. I think when this is finished it will be a great read. Good work


  2. I really liked your characters! I especially like how the story is mostly following Emma’s voice. Learning about the characters through her will really give us a sense of how she thinks. I also like that your voice sketches included so much detail through all the posts. I also like how cheesy Emma is. It is good humor for the story!


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