Google Ingress Post #3

When I went to Google to search for articles on the Ingress game, what I found really interesting was the anticipation for the game to come to non android devices. The link I have posted above is a brief article that talks about the wait for the game to come out to iPhone users.

Even though I understand that there will sometimes be wait times between an Android user and an iPhone users app for a variety of reasons, it was really interesting to me how much of a time difference there was. I honestly had no idea that this ingress game existed until I read the first article for class, but now that I do I understand that it’s something people would really want to play.

I think the fact that I didn’t know anything about it was probably a good thing. I feel that if someone I knew with an Android device had been playing it, I probably would’ve wanted to, too. I wouldn’t have been able to because I have an iPhone. I just find this particular example of waiting times interesting because I never really look at how long I have to wait to use something or how long I’ve had something before someone else has it. I think I’m kind of just use to getting what I want for technology when I want it as bad as that sounds.


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