Tentative no tech week schedule


In a great mood about setting aside technology.

Sit in my room for a little bit thinking about what to do.

Go outside for a while.

Go to bed.


Still in a decent mood about not using technology.

Probably starting to wonder if someone tried to reach me today or yesterday.

Shrug it off.

Play cards with a roommate or something along those lines.

Go to bed.


Starting to get a little bored without technology.

Starting to want to watch a movie or tv.

Feeling a little more guilty about not responding to people who may be trying to reach me.

Start a book.

Go to bed.


Starting to get a little irritated without technology.

I’d probably start to wonder what other people besides my roommates are doing.

Starting to get really nervous that people will be mad at me for not responding to their texts, emails etc.

Continue reading the book I started.

Go to bed.


Really starting to miss technology.

Really wanting to contact someone who doesn’t live with me.

Getting sick of alone time.

Probably starting to get a little crabby.

Keep reading the book.

Maybe start writing.


Sleeping in.

Starting to get moody mostly because I am nervous of what I missed over the week.

Hoping that my job didn’t or professors didn’t try to communicate anything crucially important via phone or email.

Hoping my friends will understand why I did the experiment.

Really wanting to use my car.

Wanting to leave my house so I’ll take a long walk.

Started writing again.

Went to bed early.

Couldn’t sleep mostly because I’m still nervous that I missed important stuff over the week.

Went to sleep.


Less nervous about the week then I was Saturday.

Excited that I get to use technology again tomorrow.

Would probably do board games with my roomies.

Starting to get use to not using technology but ready to use it again all at the same time.

Learned how to enjoy the quiet.

Maybe debating whether I should actually look at my phone. But ultimately deciding I should.

Ready for bed.

Falling asleep and in the morning I wake up to technology.


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