Top five best things that would happen if I gave up tech for a week

1. I would get more stuff done. Since I wouldn’t be able to use Netflix as my default, I’d probably get random stuff that I’ve been meaning to do forever done.

2.I feel like I would do more creative stuff. I used to love writing for the fun of it and I still do, but I definitely don’t do it as much anymore. My excuse is always that I don’t have enough time. In reality, I probably do, but I do other things first.

3. I would spend more time outside. If the temperature was nice enough out, I would definitely go for longer walks. I love being outside anyway but I would definitely do more outside if I had less technology to worry about. It’s hard to say I want to go outside today with it being so cold and snowy, but I would still go out more if I couldn’t stay in and watch movies on a snowy day.

4. I would have more alone time. I am actually a really social person but I crave alone time. I like being by myself sometimes just to collect my thoughts. I think I would feel a lot more relaxed sometimes if I wasn’t constantly getting messages from someone about something,

5. Sometimes I feel like I would be less distracted. I am guilty of sometimes using my phone too much. Like everyone else, I sometimes don’t focus all my attention on what I am supposed to be doing. I feel like I could get more stuff done if I wasn’t constantly distracted by technology things.


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