Top five worst things that would happen if I gave up tech for a week

1. In the beginning, I would be super bored. I just have always had technology at my fingertips so I think it would be really strange to give up tech for a week. When I’m bored, my first instinct is to almost always watch tv. Or go on my laptop to check social media or go on pinterest.

2. It would be hard to not know what’s going on in the world. I actually really like staying up to date on the news around the world. I do, however, get most of my news from online news sources. I follow most of the news media I watch on tv on Twitter and they tweet throughout the day the news. I also like watching news on tv. Very rarely do I actually get a paper copy of a newspaper and read it which would be a strange adjustment at first.

3. Not being able to contact people. As much as I like alone time, I like being with people just as much if not more. I think one day of not texting, checking email, using social media, etc. would be nice but any more than that I think I would start to really miss talking to my friends. Sure I could go visit the ones that live near me but what about the people I keep in contact with that don’t live by me?

4. Not being able to watch tv. As sad as this sounds, let me explain. Sometimes after a long day of school or work, I don’t want to wind down by reading a book. I don’t want to do anything that really involves active thinking. Sometimes it’s really nice to just put your feet up and not do anything.

5. So much of our world involves technology that it would be hard to not use it. Going a full week without coming in contact with any technology would be hard. Sure you can put your laptop, tv and phone somewhere where you can’t get to it and not worry about it. But what about things like work? Using a cash register is using technology. Technically using your car is using technology. What about the things we use daily not necessarily to entertain us but to just use? Things like alarm clocks that make sure we wake up in time to go to work and school are things we use almost everyday. We have so many uses for technology that we don’t even think about. We just live in a world where almost everything is technology and we can’t just completely stop using it.


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