Response to “Video Games go to Washington: The Story Behind The Howard Dean for Iowa Game

I found this article extremely interesting. When I think of election season I do not think of video games as a mean of politicians to gain an audience. It seems strange to me that by using a video game a politician might gain votes.

I thought it was amazing how much time and energy went into making the game a success. It  was crazy to me that they took so much time to develop three little games to help persuade voters.

I personally don’t think politicians should worry about using video games in the next election. To me, I think it would reach a small demographic of people. I personally wouldn’t let a video game affect my decision on how to vote for either. I don’t really know if a video game could inform me enough to make an educated decision. I’m sure that there would be some voters who find the game informative and that it could help persuade their vote, but I just think for the majority of people it wouldn’t inform them enough.


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