game sketch

World hunger game


To teach people statistics about world hunger. I would look up stats around the internet to see the percentage of people around the world who do not get enough food every day.

Teach people about other countries different than their owns food choices. It would be an interactive game with seven different countries. Players can choose to help whatever country they would like to help.

What they can do to help. I would find websites and organizations who focus is ending world hunger. It would be interactive and it would bring them to a page on how they can volunteer or help people out.

I would like the players to have a good time while playing this game. I think they could team up if they wanted too but I think it would be more fun if they competed against each other. I would recommend that if people play with a friend they pick a separate country and see who can complete the goals the quickest. The character is going to be a chef in the kitchen who prepares meals for these countries. They will learn what foods are common for the countries culture and see how they can gather things for a meal. The player will have to answer a question about world hunger in between meals before he/she can advance to a meal. The player will also be brought to different surroundings throughout the levels. There will be ten levels where after they reach level ten the people in the game will get the food which will ultimately help with world hunger. The player will then be given all the information needed to volunteer. The arc will be answering the quiz questions right and then they will have a chance at the end to say what they will do to help.