Ghosts of chance response

I think this game is effective as a learning tool because it gets you to interact with things you might have known nothing about. I know in the article the examples were paintings at a museum which I think is a really cool idea. I remember as a senior in high school we went to an art museum. While I found everything to be beautiful and there were those little signs assigned to each painting explaining what each painting meant, I didn’t know much more than what the signs said. By being able to learn about the museum interactively, people are more likely to know more about the paintings then they do at the actual museum. They might be willing to learn more too because the knowledge is presented to you in a more fascinating way.


Response to world without oil

I found the concept of the game interesting. I think it’s interesting to think that a game can teach us enough about a world problem that it might help us try to fix the problem in everyday life.

I think this game is effective as a learning tool because it puts you in a real life scenario. It really makes you think about an actual world problem and what you would be willing to do to solve it. Maybe after playing this game people would be less likely to use their car for every trip they have to take. Maybe more people would be willing to ride bikes or walk to places.

Response to “Video Games go to Washington: The Story Behind The Howard Dean for Iowa Game

I found this article extremely interesting. When I think of election season I do not think of video games as a mean of politicians to gain an audience. It seems strange to me that by using a video game a politician might gain votes.

I thought it was amazing how much time and energy went into making the game a success. It  was crazy to me that they took so much time to develop three little games to help persuade voters.

I personally don’t think politicians should worry about using video games in the next election. To me, I think it would reach a small demographic of people. I personally wouldn’t let a video game affect my decision on how to vote for either. I don’t really know if a video game could inform me enough to make an educated decision. I’m sure that there would be some voters who find the game informative and that it could help persuade their vote, but I just think for the majority of people it wouldn’t inform them enough.

Reflection of #1wknotech

The challenge of 1wknotech was actually something I struggled with. I couldn’t picture my life without technology which was actually kind of sad. Writing out the hypothetical schedule of what I would do without technology, was actually kind of hard. As I read the #1wknotech feed, however, I thought a lot of people really agreed with me. Like me, not everyone was an avid twitter user but a lot of us really like our phones.

What I really noticed was that there were a wide variety of themes found in these posts. A lot of people posted photos of them holding objects pretending it was their phones. A lot of people talked about how the time without technology was the perfect time to spend with family. There were many common themes found throughout both the Facebook and Twitter feed but there were also plenty of differences.

What I really want to focus on in this essay is three ideas. I want to first focus on how everybody handled the conclusion of #1wknotech and how people responded to being on the last day of  “no” technology. Then I want to talk about how people thought that no technology would mean spending a lot more time outside. Lastly, I want to talk about how the students that participated thought having no technology would affect their homework.

The last day of the project so many of us counted down the hours until we could use technology again. Post after post, hour by hour there was excitement that the project was coming to an end. In a world where technology controls everything, it’s easy to see just how much people love their technology. Just like the tweet from Regina Phalange, there were many tweets that produced a similar response.

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There were also plenty of tweets that reflected the opposite idea. The idea that not using tech for a week was a simple activity that ended quickly was found in some posts as well. It is perhaps reflected best by Twitter user Ashlyn Beierle.

“I’m free! Its been real Twitter, but I can’t stand you. Its gonna be nice to resume enjoying life instead of tweeting about it “-Ashlyn Beierle.

There were also tweets that were indifferent about the whole experience. The results were definitely more in favor of one side over the other but there were still plenty of people who didn’t make the last day of #1wknotech known to the entire Twitter world.

Lots of people used the experience as a chance to enjoy the outdoors. It seemed like nature was the perfect way to escape technology. Twitter user @courtnueyun340 used the opportunity to go to the beach.


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Twitter user @jv_pw also used the challenge as a way to get more in touch with nature. There is a picture of the user sailing on a beautiful body of water from sunday, the last day technology was “banned”.

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Unlike California, where the sun is shining and you can go to the beach the participants from our class used the experience to joke about the cold weather and snow. Below is a tweet from @lylewhyle that shows a pretty view of the lake, but instead of the California sun the land is covered in snow.







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Lastly the idea that technology is prevalent in our school work is found throughout the feed. I thought it was pretty noticeable throughout the feed that a lot of people mentioned their school work. Obviously some people were excited and used the tech break as a homework break but other people were angry that they couldn’t use the tech. Twitter user @Chris_Gnarley used the project as a chance to poke fun at group projects.

“Can’t work on the Google Doc until midnight. Sorry guys.” Group members weren’t having it

A lot of people felt that without technology, the amount of school work a person would have to complete would be out of control. Would you automatically fail your classes? Would you be able to catch up on all of those moodle posts? A tweet from @KelsieJ738290 reflects the use of technology uses in all of our classes.
“I think I might just continue …. Thinking of all my emails and moodle posts I didn’t do is going to make me cry.” -KelsieJ738290


In conclusion, I really noticed that most people didn’t like the idea of not having technology. People appeared to be more comfortable with the idea as the week went on but were definitely more excited to get back into the swing of things. I think that our world has become so technology dependent that the idea of not having technology is strange and unnatural to us.

I thought it was easy to think of things I would probably actually feel if I didn’t have technology. Writing the actual schedule was kind of hard . I also thought it was hard to think of what I would do instead of using technology. I thought that maybe I would do a puzzle or something but if I were to do the project in real life, I have no idea if I would actually do that.

Personally, I learned a lot about my technology dependence. I never really realized how much I loved my phone. The idea of not being able to use it whenever I wanted was a weird one and it made me realize that I am super dependent on technology. I did like the idea of not using it, however, and I think if I were to actually not use technology it would become a lot more comfortable towards the end of the week.


Reflection to Narrative Fiction Project

I would like to start by saying how unique this project was to me. While I have written fiction pieces in the past, this particular project was unlike anything I have ever done before. I didn’t mind it but I found it difficult to do. I think what was difficult about it was the fact that it was kind of like writing a script, but for me at least, it was so hard to add details.

When I was a little kid, I actually thought I wanted to be a fiction writer. Part of me still thinks that maybe someday I could be, but the imagination I had as a child has kind of been dulled a little bit. I still consider myself to be creative, but years of education have molded my writing style. I am creative in a completely non-fiction way now which doesn’t bug me, but it does make assignments like this a little more difficult for me than I think they would’ve been in the past.

The research and watching all the videos that had similar ideas in class made this project a little harder for me as well. There are so many people in this world with absolutely incredible ideas. I don’t want to say I was overwhelmed with this project because I wasn’t in the slightest, but the way some people can just make fantastic fictional stories out of blog posts and social media amazes me. I feel that if I would’ve had more time, I probably would’ve developed my story a lot more and maybe it could have been something bigger and better than it was.

I thought it was really easy to make characters. I have always found characters easy to come up with. Characters are kind of just people based on you or people you already know. You add what you like and make them into what you don’t like and I love doing that. I also found it easy to come up with a decent plot.

I have a hard time saying where my strength and weaknesses lie here. I think in anything in life practice makes you better. I am personally a hard worker and so when I am not that great at something, I try harder every time I do it. Like everybody else I am not good at everything. I am, however, willing to try to be better. I think in order to be fair to yourself, you can’t really judge how good/bad you are at something when you only try it one time.

I think this could influence my other writings just in the sense that I need to remember to try new things. It was a good experiment overall. What I want to do professionally after school will probably not benefit from learning how to do this. I do, however, think that it will keep my eyes open to the potential of different things.

Models for personal narrative project

The first source I used was more of a source to kind of help me narrow down what possible tones I would want to use for my characters. What I found was that my tone could be literally any emotion I could think of. I like the fact that it brought up both sassy and sarcastic because I like sassy and sarcastic people and I want one of my characters to be at least one or the other. Here is the link to the website that helped me narrow down possible ideas:

The second source I found for tone models gave excellent model examples. I decided to post this one because the first page gives great examples of how style enhances tone. I think that this website could be useful in the future as the dialog for my characters progresses. Here is the link to the website:

For my two models of media usage, I’d like my main character to have a blog. I think I want to use Twitter to have her interact with the other characters as well as Facebook.

Lonelygirl15 blog response

I like the fact that this blog is videos. To me it is more interesting than reading a blog post because it almost feels more real. When you can see into a person’s life it’s almost like they’re actually sharing it with you versus reading the words and imagining how certain situations looked. I think the video quality was decent and this provided an interesting twist to the type of blogs I’ve looked at in the past.

I didn’t really like the fact that this blog was a fake. It seems silly to me that someone would actually take the time to direct a
“real life” blog. It was facsinating to read the comments because even after it was outed that the blog was fake, people still believed that Bree was a real person and not an actress. I guess I really like the style of a video blog, but I don’t really like the concept of a fake video blog.

Justin Hall Response

Justin Hall’s blog is definitely different from most blogs I’ve read. I’m not really sure how I feel about it because to me a lot of the material is stuff I personally wouldn’t share with the world. I found hearing about his divorce rather difficult. I felt bad for his ex wife because it seemed so wrong to talk about such a delicate topic on the internet where every person could watch it. At the same time, I felt bad for him because he literally bared his soul about something most people can’t talk about. It was really interesting to see his life and to be so honest because that’s something people don’t see everyday.

In terms of the blog set up and not so much content, I found it to be strange. I liked the fact that when you read his bio you could click on random hyper links to read a more in depth article about the subject he was talking about. I didn’t really like the fact that all this information was in one large chunk. I would have preferred to see it in separate pieces and just as new posts. Content wise I think Hall’s blog is really unique but set up wise I wish he would change it to a more relevant blog.

Three favorite projects

My three favorite projects are the Aunt Diane tweets, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and the You Suck at Photoshop videos. I liked all three for different reasons. The one thing I really noticed was that I picked them all because they made me laugh.

The reason I really liked Aunt Diane tweets were because they were incredibly random and comical. I couldn’t stop laughing when I was reading her tweets. I liked that there didn’t seem to be any order to them and just that they were on random topics. I also really liked that sometimes she would throw in tweets about current culture events and make them humorous.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries also made me laugh. I personally really liked that they made a modern day version of a classic novel. The one thing that really got to me about this account though was the level of humor in it. It was really dry humor but that made it really interesting. I also really liked how this account just started appearing everywhere on social media and that so many people liked it.

The You Suck at Photoshop account I liked for a different reason. I can relate to it because I personally am terrible at Photoshop. I kind of liked the use of humor in making fun of the people who can’t do it. It also, at the same time, teaches you how to actually use Photoshop which I found useful. I also noticed that there was a character theme found throughout. Whether it was the background used on the computer or Donnie’s wife who seemed to be constantly nagging him, or just Donnie’s attitude in general there was a specific theme found throughout each video.