Google Ingress Post #3

When I went to Google to search for articles on the Ingress game, what I found really interesting was the anticipation for the game to come to non android devices. The link I have posted above is a brief article that talks about the wait for the game to come out to iPhone users.

Even though I understand that there will sometimes be wait times between an Android user and an iPhone users app for a variety of reasons, it was really interesting to me how much of a time difference there was. I honestly had no idea that this ingress game existed until I read the first article for class, but now that I do I understand that it’s something people would really want to play.

I think the fact that I didn’t know anything about it was probably a good thing. I feel that if someone I knew with an Android device had been playing it, I probably would’ve wanted to, too. I wouldn’t have been able to because I have an iPhone. I just find this particular example of waiting times interesting because I never really look at how long I have to wait to use something or how long I’ve had something before someone else has it. I think I’m kind of just use to getting what I want for technology when I want it as bad as that sounds.


Google Ingress Post #2 (with link)–google-s-odd-awesome-mobile-game.html

For my second post about the game, I found a FAQ about the game. I found this to be extremely helpful because it really helped me understand the game more. I still think the concept is awesome. I also understand it a lot more now.

I learned a lot about the portals and why it’s important to use them. I haven’t really figured out how you win or if you do win and neither did the guy who wrote this article. I think that right now since users can’t go past level 8 because it’s the highest level is really interesting and I am interested to see how the new levels will change the game.

Google Ingress Post #1

The Google Ingress game is a brand new concept to me. I had no idea they working on a game like this. I think that it is a neat concept and I am very interested to see where the game will go in the future.

As I was reading this, I couldn’t help but wonder how much work went into creating this kind of game. The idea that the game can be used around the world is also something I found incredibly fascinating because it’s so interactive. Since it’s so interactive, I think it could be a good tool to link people from around the world with common interests.

I also really liked the fact that the game is meant to be played outside. I think our younger generation will find this game a lot of fun. It promotes physical activity and time spent away from the living room tv which I don’t think is promoted enough these days. I think this game could be the future of similar games.

Response to Facebooking a Journey

I found the idea behind Zilla van den Born project really interesting. I guess I never really looked at Facebook as a filter of only the things we want to share even though that’s exactly the purpose of Facebook. I could easily say that I wouldn’t do this but I do. Even posting a simple photo on Instagram is altering reality. If you post a photo on Instagram you pick the filter that makes the image look the best and in a way that is changing how the world sees you.

The world also only gets to see me how I want them to see me. At least when I post my own photos or my own statuses, I am making a personal decision to share this with my Facebook friends. I always only share my good news and no one but my family and friends( and sometimes not even they get to) see me in a way I would never portray myself on social media. I would never share the bad news in my life or the flaws I have on social media so in a way everybody only sees what I consider the exciting parts of my life and all of my adventures. They don’t see photos of me not doing exciting things like watching Netflix on a lazy day or that day I stayed in my pajamas all day simply because I felt like not getting ready for the day. They do get to see me all dressed up and going out to dinner and they got to see the photos of my Florida vacation last spring. I think that van den Born brought up a really important detail to social media that I don’t think we always consider when we look at people’s life through the lens of social media.