Story outline for personal narrative project


Emma sets up her blog.

Caroline immediately posts about it on Facebook.

Peter sees Caroline’s Facebook post and remembers Emma from school.


Emma’s first day at work.

Emma runs into Peter.

Emma blogs about her day for the first time.


After training the day before, Emma has her first real day on the job.

Emma meets a famous celebrity who wants to compliment her food.

Emma tells Caroline about the encounter and Caroline immediately talks all about social media.


News about Emma and the celebrity dating have surfaced thanks to Caroline’s not so accurate tweets.

Peter responds to Emma’s clarifying post on Facebook.

Emma and Peter decide to hang out.


Emma and Peter hang out.

Emma doesn’t tell Caroline.

Emma decides that Peter isn’t all about work.

Peter admits only to Emma that he doesn’t really want to be a chef.

Emma promises to keep it a secret but Caroline overhears there conversation.

Caroline sends out subtweets about Peter.


Peter and Emma hang out again.

Emma posts about her day on her blog and some of the awkward moments along the way.

Peter sees Caroline’s tweets.


Caroline and Peter get into a Twitter fight about subtweeting.

Caroline tweets that Peter hates being a chef and his boss sees it.

Peter becomes angry at Emma.

Peter confronts Emma about telling everything to Caroline.

Emma tells Peter she didn’t.

Emma writes on her blog that no more personal stories will be shared.


Emma posts a really boring cooking video to her blog.

Emma deletes her blog.

Caroline tweets at her and she doesn’t answer.

Peter is fired after his boss decides he doesn’t want a chef who can’t stand cooking.

Peter tweets his first non work related tweet.


Peter writes his first Facebook status.

Emma and Peter hang out.

Peter apologizes to Emma.


After talking to Emma, Peter decides he wants to become a history teacher. Peter encourages Emma to post about real life stuff on her blog again after he convinces her that she is a great writer.

Emma says that she won’t.

Caroline apologizes to both Peter and Emma over social media.


Emma posts a video on her blog about a new “cheesey” moment.

Emma works at the restaurant.

She continues to meet famous people since the restaurant is such a big deal.


Emma decides her blog will become a story of all the people she has met at her job.

Peter decides to ask Emma to celebrate.

Emma invites Caroline.

Caroline, Peter and Emma all become great friends and the story ends with Emma posting a photo to her blog about all the great people she has in her life.


Blog entry#3: first look at two sources

For my first blog entry this week on ISIS, I decided to compare BBC and ABC coverage. It was completely different right of the bat. When you search ISIS on both websites, you find different articles.

In my opinion, ABC had written a lot more articles about ISIS than BBC. In the list that showed the most current articles, ABC had two for every one BBC article. I also found it interesting that BBC listed their editors choice where ABC did not. The content was also completely different, which makes sense due to the fact that the news networks are based out of different countries.

When it comes to content, I also realized that ISIS seemed to be the focus in ABC articles whereas in BBC articles it would be included but with other topics. ABC also had videos posted on their website. I didn’t notice this with BBC.

The biggest take away I got from comparing the two was that it is interesting to see how two different countries report on the same news topic. There are obviously different things that seem more prominent in certain stories based on the country. For example, ABC had plenty of articles talking about President Obama’s strategy where I didn’t really see that on the BBC website. This makes complete sense due to the fact that ABC is an American station while BBC is a British station.

Post #2: why social media tools like twitter are interesting on big topics

One of my group members and myself both posted a link to the ISIS Twitter feed. I figured that since we both did it, I would look at it this morning. I looked over it quickly before I posted the link and I would like to talk about the differences I found and what I liked about it.

I have had this Twitter feed open on my laptop for maybe two minutes. Within those two minutes, there is already 40 new tweets. With this kind of topic, a topic that is so large and draws vastly different opinions, it is interesting to see just how fast new information is given to Twitter users. It’s different because you are looking at Tweets from people all around the world and you are also looking at major news organizations presenting the story angle for today.

Using Twitter may be a good way to see some news. I use it to keep up with our local news channels all the time because since my phone is always on me  I always have access to Twitter and can keep up with any breaking news stories a local channel may put out there. I think Twitter can be used as a good tool, but I also think that you are sifting through a lot of information. The other hard thing about Twitter usage, is not everything you find on there will be accurate. I think if you’re trying to find the most accurate information, Twitter is an okay place to start, but I think people need to realize that not every Tweet will produce accuracy.

What I have learned so far; blog #1

I reviewed six articles from three different classmates. What I have learned is a lot because the ISIS situation is something where even if you know a little background information, it’s a lot to make sense of. What was most interesting to me, was how vastly different all the articles were. Each article I read focused on a completely different aspect of the ISIS and I found it to be incredibly interesting. I am going to talk about two things I found really interesting in this post and then two more things I found interesting when I make my second blog entry.

I will be the first to admit that I really didn’t know a lot about ISIS before my group decided to look into it more. So I can honestly say that I learned a lot from the vast majority of articles my group mates and I found. In looking through most people’s articles in my group, I realized that for the most part there was a huge difference in articles. I think that with a topic as big as ISIS it’s easy to find just totally different opinions and an incredible amount of topics.

All six articles I chose were vastly different. The one thing I really noticed was that most of my group mates found things on similar news sources such as Time, Fox News, etc. I posted the whole Twitter feed instead of finding one article because it was interesting to see so many tweets with different topics/opinions. I had a hard time linking any of our articles to social media however.

10 current event links